Founding Members

‘Join this wonderful group and help make The Power of 100 a reality in our local Warren County area.

Thank you for believing in our mission.

Steering Committee

Carrie Huckeby

Cindy Rogers

Shelly Miller

Karen Wilson

Leanne Fisher

Founding Members

Carrie Huckeby

Cindy Rogers

Shelly Miller

Karen Wilson

Dana Green (Congratulations Dana! You’re our first official member!)

Susan Bain

Bernadette Doud

Buffy Judkins

Leanne Fisher

Glenda Taylor

Shannon Gulick and Karly Anne Walker (Welcome Shannon and Karly! You’re our first mother/daughter team!)

Kelly Roberts

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Wright

Linda Love Baldwin

Tracy Watson

Rhonda Maynard and Dawn Cantrell – Team The River Queens

Tish Bernhardt & Calisha Woodlee –Team Name: Craven Contributors

Sherry Clendenon and Debbie Morgan – Team Name: Vol Dolls

Sherry Taylor

Cheryl Sneed

Tammy Panter

Mia-Lan Powers

Denise Prince and Michele Hutchins – Team Name:  Double D’s

Vickie Miller and Therese Holmes – Team Name: Twin Power

Tammy Young and Keri Wood – Team Name: Dynamic Duo

Priscilla Wanamaker and Marci Godwin Bolding – Team Name: Gal Pals

Marcia Scott and Rhonda Walker – Team Name: Xtreme

Courtney Breedlove

Alissa K Rains

Kim Henry

Mitzi Locke and Denise Padin – Team Name: Midway Moms

Sheri Denning and Cassell Davis – Team Name: Denning and Davis

DeDe Holmes and Kim Wilkinson – Team Name: Sister Christian

Carolina George

Penny Medley and Holly Hillis – Team Name: Medley/Hillis

Jane Flatt and Ashlyn Hill – Team Name: The Greats

Darla Seymour

LuAnn Bottoms

Dawn Wanamaker and Katie Rogers – Team Name: M&M Moms

Terri Turner

Renee Johnson and Kathy Witt – Team Name: The Grissom Girls

Rhonda Wood

Shirley Evans and Carolyn Freeze – Team Name: Forever Friends

Janice Mayfield

Paige Chastain & Katie Medley Alsbrook – Team Name: Tuesday Nigh Council

Sherry Griffith & Carla Savage – Team

Paula Hillis

Sally Staub Brock

Kim Henegar

Mary Roller & Paula Roller – Team Barton Creek Farms

Felena Rains & Stevana Palombo – Team

Elaine Alsup

Amanda Stiles Sain & Debbie Sain – Team Sain Ladies

Sarah Cantrell & Tanarra Grissom – Team

Sheila Florida Younglove

Erin Blalock

Gina Burke

Members after October 25, 2018

Sherry Moore

Lori Gretzinger

Trenena Stanley

Jane Ann Pryor

Susan Hall

Karen Spivey

Carol Hamblen

Taffy Seagraves & Felicia Walkup – Team-The Long & The Short

Carla Bush & Maggie Wilson – Team – CM Property Sisters

Charlotte Hutchins

Kirby Williams

Holly McBride & Charlene Whittaker – Team – Lost & Found

Tracie Travis & Angela Brown – Team – Organized Chaos

Stephanie Keith

Lesa Duvall

Olivia Young

Chandi Nunley

Renea Bess

Darlene Bryant & Maureen Gallagher – Team Darlene & Moe

Anne Vance

Betty Glenn

Nancy Mayfield & Dachelle McVey – Team M&Ms

Sydney Prater

Heather Hennessee & Christi Gilliam – Team Trophy Wives

Mary Mason

Rachel Killebrew

Michelle R Hennessee

Jessica Allen

Lucretia Brown

Teresa Knowles

Sara Beth Bryant & Kathryn Bryant – Team Like Mother Like Daughter

Deitra Dunlap & Olivia Gilley – Team Pink & Yellow

Lisa Patton

Susie Davenport & Inez Nunley – Team Lady Lions

Katie Spears & Alanna Starkey – Team Sister Sister

Dianne Milstead & Monica Milstead – Team M&M Duo

Carolyn Mansfield Morgan

Debbie Fisher

Susan Gawel

Kathleen Herzog

Lynne Cole

Kristi Cantrell & Kristy Stubblefield – Team Kristi²

Lacey Jones & Keri Nunley – Team Pinnacle

Ramona A Mathis & Joyce Walkup – Team Sweet & Spicy

Mary Wolford

Susan Marttala & Leslie Hoover – Team Heart

Barbara Black & Vickie Mathis – Team Irish Twins

Michaela Riley

Donna Anderson & Pam McColloch – Team Caring Cousins

Sherry Hale

Beverly Coffey & Jean Inman – Team Coffey Beans

Jennifer Brooks

Phyllis Graham

Patricia Bigbee

Dianne Gillespie

Tina Foster & Theresa Hill – Team

Mary Ann Blankenship & Vicki Gallagher – Team

Joy Kinas & C.K. Cayce-Taylor – Team Females in Finance

Regan Myers

Latesha Hillis

Lori Anderson & Cindy King – Team Lori & Cindy

Diane Konrady

Hailey Taylor & Becky Clark – Team S.I.L

Nichole Mosley & Kristen Hutchins – Team Mosley/Hutchins

Amanda Nafe & Amanda Hammonds – The A Team

Kimberly Chisam

Norma Cox

Meredith Woodlee & Sabrina Keeton – Team The She-Unit

Darla Campbell

Lisa Harvey & Debbie Helton – Team

Holly Hodges

Christi Allison & Regina Woodlee – Team Teachers

Janice Ritchey

Monica Brewer

Devonya Rose King & Pam Felty – Team Stronger Together

Lana Whitlock & Emily Graves – Team Helping Hands

Carrie Witcher

Cecilia Murphy

Joyce Britton

Vanessa Cannon

Lori Riley & Courtney Myers – Team Mavens of Mayhem

Marla Holloway

Detra Whiles & Jessica McGill – Team Delivers of Hope

Karen W Jones

Tiffany Jones

Denise Montrose

Terra Greene

Kayla Mullican & Emily Newman – Team Banker Bees

Vicki Benedict

Susan Smith & Sarah Becker – Team Farmer Charlie Angels

Laura C Pryor & Melany Crothers – Team Crothers Crew